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Curtis Shields Barrel Room
Financial & Operations Consulting

After spending 8+ years in Alcohol and Beverage startups, and helping to take dozens of SKUs from idea to retail shelf, I have gathered a culmination of insights and practices that will help everyone from new entrant CPG companies avoiding common mistakes to experienced practitioners find the agility of startups.

Whether it comes from the cash flow planning of a new product or designing the supply chain with scalability and timing in mind there is no shortage to the pitfalls anyone can encounter in today's market.

I serve as a Fractional CFO to focus on building agile financial and operational/supply side systems that execute at an optimum capital efficiency level while still keeping scalability in mind.

If I can be of help to your project or organization, please reach out.

What we do

Financial Services Offered:
- Accounting System Design and Automation

- Financial and Cash Flow Business Reviews

- Financial Performance Reporting Design

- Agile Financial Systems Coaching and Implementation
- Capital Management Strategy Outlay

- Insurance and Risk Audit
- Bitcoin Treasury Education

Operational Services Offered:
- Product Guidance

- Supply Chain Design
- Business Systems Modeling

Wine Tanks
Bitcoin Miami

Bitcoin is becoming more popular for businesses to hold on their balance sheet as a store of value protecting capital that has not yet been deployed into use.

Over the past four years I have educated myself to a depth of knowledge that allows me to offer the service of teaching businesses and entrepreneurs how this asset works, how to safely purchase and store it, and how to account for it within your financial system.

No matter where you are at in your learning and adoption process I am happy to spend the time for the one on one attention that a financial decision like this deserves.

About Me

I started this business to lend my financial expertise to other entrepreneurs and enterprises after spending the better part of the last decade in multiple startup to midsize businesses. My various past experiences allow me to bring scalability and speed to the newly formed or business looking to reinvent the way they work into something smarter and faster.

If you think I can be of help to your business or project please contact me at any of the links above.

Thanks for Visiting!

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